Island Park Idaho, Playground of the West.


- Island Park's rivers, lakes and reservoirs make for some of the best fishing and Fly-Fishing in the world. Especially noteworthy are locations like Henry's Fork, Henry's Lake, the Snake river and Island Park reservoir.


- Island Park borders Yellowstone National Park and connects to the West Yellowstone and Continental Divide Trail systems, Island Park is Idaho’s crown jewel of snowmobiling. Here, more than 500 miles of groomed trails connect with 800 more miles in West Yellowstone and Wyoming. Island Park also has thousands of miles of backcountry riding. The Island Park system is unique because it provides you with access to Yellowstone National Park through its northwest corner. Tour the park, enter through West Yellowstone, Montana (22 miles North of Island Park). Riders will take in breathtaking sights such as Big Springs, Mesa Falls, Mount Two-Top, South Plateau and the Centennial Range of the Rocky Mountains. Mount Jefferson and the WaHoo Shute, The Keg, Willow Creek, Lions Head and many more exciting places are options for the more experienced rider. Renowned Two-Top Mountain provides a spectacular view of Henry's Lake and Henry's Lake Flat. Snowmobile rentals and guided tours are available.

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